What is the Group Merchandising Conference?

The Group Merchandising Conference, hosted by PRO Group Inc., is a unique opportunity for vendors to meet with over 40 group Distributor members over the course of 2 days. In one-on-one, 30-minute, private appointments, vendors will have the opportunity to set up their hotel suites to display product, present group promotions and information, and assist Distributor buyers in making purchases.

A great venue for both new and long-time vendor partners, the conference also provides numerous opportunities to meet with Distributor members in casual settings at multiple receptions. Vendor partners will also have the chance to provide show specials and meet with PRO Group merchandise managers and marketing and advertising staff to learn how to maximize promotional and buying opportunities in the group.

“I truly believe this is the single most effective format going on anywhere in the industry. Other buying groups should learn from this.”

-Attending Vendor


Why Should I Attend?

The Group Merchandising Conference provides you with countless opportunities to connect with decision makers and make key connections in one location. Here are the top reasons attending the GMC can have a positive impact for you and your business:

  • The private, 30-minute meetings allow you to meet directly with Distributor buyers and decision makers without any distraction
  • Setting up your own hotel suite with exhibits, sample product, literature, and information allows you to assist Distributor buyers in purchasing retail displays, supplier promotions, new products, and targeted assortments
  • The multiple receptions allow you to meet with Distributor members in a casual setting to make introductions and connections with those you might otherwise never have connected with
  • With 40 Distributor members in attendance, your investment in the GMC can have a resounding impact on your bottom line
  • Connecting with others in the industry and hearing speaker Dan Tratensek can provide you with insights that can allow you to tailor your program and product line to be the most effective for Distributor members and their dealers


“The recent PRO Group conference was a great investment of our time and resources. The event was very well done and the members were engaged and ready to do business. It was a very cost-effective way to reach a number of quality prospects in a short period of time. Sign us up for next year!!” -Attending Vendor