PRO Group is a two-step distribution buying group in the Hardware, Lawn and Garden, Farm and Ag, and Industrial industries that hosts two conferences annually. The Group Merchandising Conference, hosted by PRO Group, is a unique experience where Manufacturers meet with Distributor buyers.
The 2020 Group Merchandising Conference will be held in a virtual format using the Zoom Meeting platform June 22-24, 2020. Attendees will have the opportunity to hold private, 30-minute pre-scheduled video conferences much in the same way they would in person.



The Zoom Meeting platform will allow Manufacturers to promote and share their products with video and screen and file sharing capabilities that will allow them to share literature and other information with the touch of a button. This will allow Distributor buyers to purchase retail displays, take advantage of supplier promotions, learn about new products and explore targeted assortments. This virtual format is great for both new and longtime group vendors.

GMC Event Update – 4/10/2020


Attending Vendor

“The most effective use of time and resources our company devotes to the trade show portion of our business.”

Attending Vendor

"I truly believe this is the single most effective format going on anywhere in the industry. Other buying groups should learn from this.”

Attending Distributor

“The PRO Group Merchandising Conference is an excellent way to accomplish quality business interaction between manufacturers and distributors. I know of no other industry event where so much business can occur in such a short period of time.”

Attending Distributor

“By far the best conference I have attended so far. The meeting format was excellent and the one-on-one attention from the manufacturers was very effective.”

What are Face-to-Face Zoom meetings For?


Believe it's essential for closing a deal.


Believe it is the key factor for forming long-term professional relationships.


Believe it's the most effective
way to meet new clients.


What Did Attendees Say?

● 100% Believe it was an effective way to bring Buyers and Manufacturers together.

● 100% Received valuable information from their meetings.

● 96% Recognized the quality of conference specials.


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